President has got it right

Pat Baldwin,
Somerset West

In response to Maria Marsh’s letter (“We are fighting a common enemy”, Bolander June 24), I have to totally agree with her.

Normally I find Norman McFarlane’s column entertaining, but the column she is referring to (click here to read it), has my same thoughts.

I have listened to every speech of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

He speaks clearly, concisely and tells us what is going on.

He has told us he asked the best scientists, the World Health Organisation (WHO), doctors, etc for advice on how to handle this terrible virus that is going through the world.

He locked us down right at the beginning, and the results can be seen now.

We have, in comparison to some countries, the lowest death rate for the size of the continent, and testing has come on in leaps and bounds.

President Ramaphosa has brought extra doctors and health workers into the country to help out.

Where I live we have been in lockdown with rules and regulations that President Ramaphosa suggested, and so far we have been safe in our cocoon.

However, like the human race is warranted to be, a lot of people have kicked against the rules, saying it is like living in a concentration camp, or being in prison.

I ask them, “Have you ever been in a concentration camp, or prison, because if not, you don’t know how lucky you are to be living where you are”.

They seem to be proud of the fact that they are kicking against the rules etc, and the biggest moan up to a couple of weeks ago, was about no alcohol and no cigarettes.

How shallow can you be, to think of those two items which are not essential to healthy living.

Ban on booze lifted… what happened in the first weekend, drunk driving incidents, deaths, domestic abuse, murders etc.

As for cigarettes, I for one hope the ban is never lifted.

As Maria says emphysema, is not exactly a picnic.

Out of everything, this is the one item that could cause the virus in a person who is addicted to smoking.

It is horrendous to hear how people have paid thousands to buy cigarettes on the black market.

They obviously don’t value their own lives, and certainly not others.

I hope this ban will never ever be lifted.

We don’t have people smoking in the streets anymore, in places of eating and social areas, and it is great.

Sorry Norman, this time you got it all wrong.

President Ramaphosa, the management and staff of where I live are doing a great job in keeping me safe and well.

It is not nice to be away from family etc, but it will come to an end, and hopefully things will get back to a new normal.

But until then, accept it and realize you are lucky in that hopefully you are well and free of the virus.