Postal woes

Anne Rogers, Somerset West

It is no wonder that the SA Post Office is losing money and why most of us are reluctant to use it.

My daughter recently flew from London and having left her driving licence behind. Her friend sent it on December 24 by courier through the Post Office Parcel Force Worldwide. It cost £60 (R1 000) and she was told it would be delivered door-to-door within three to four days.

Allowing for Christmas, we expected delivery by New Year.

The tracking number showed repeatedly that it was in Johannesburg; the telephone number supplied just cut out after a few rings.

On February 1 the postman delivered a collection form in my letter box dated January 25 for the Somerset West post office. Yes, it was the driving licence.

The British postal service blame the SA Post Office. Obviously Johannesburg should stop doing international business.

Incidentally, there is no independent ombudsman for the post office.