Please, let the children learn

Emile Shreve,

Somerset West

I was standing at a supermarket bread counter in Lion’s Square last week.

It was a quiet time in the store and as I waited for my order to be filled I heard a man telling his young son,“You’re in the way here, go stand there.”

As there were only four of us at the counter I turned to look at the unhappy little face that had been banned from gazing expectantly at the display of baked goods.

I made a comment to the father figure and was told that “he has to learn.”

What did this boy learn?

It brought to mind a similar situation I had witnessed yonks ago in Riesie’s Delicatessen.

This father hoisted his son so he could see better.

“Look at that, Ben, lovely rolls and bagels. Can you imagine, the baker had to get up early this morning while you were still asleep to make all this?”

He then went on to describe how bread was made, while his son pointed and asked questions.

What did this boy learn?

Deepest grief at the raging fires of last week. Such terror.

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