Plastic and housing solution

Alan Bryson,
Somerset West

Both plastic and housing are big problems. At the Theewaterskloof golf course, I have
seen benches made of scrap plastic – very
heavy and weather-

At Dimbaza in the old Ciskei, there was a factory making plastic sheeting, black refuse bags and irrigation piping.

The used plastic arrived at the siding in railway trucks and could be smelled from some distance – dozens of bales of mixed plastic from refuse bins.

Imagine mixing
all of this stuff together, pouring it into moulds to make walls, floors
and roofs for dwellings.

Make them so that an end section can be removed and more sections added to extend the dwelling if necessary.

Plastic could be paid for which would solve a problem for the municipality and give thousands of hungry a small income.

In India, heaps
of plastic are burned over potholes, filling
the holes very successfully.

An entrepreneur in Scotland provides finely shredded plastic which is added to the tarring mixture giving road surfaces a longer life and these surfaces are also less prone to form potholes.

Perhaps there is a reader that knows about plastic and can shed more light on the matter?

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