Pipe dreams

Helga Theimer, Somerset West

Five weeks ago, three burst water pipes had to be replaced in the Rome Glen.

On September 19, there were another five burst water pipes in the Rome Glen area.

Thousands of litres of our precious water ran down the streets.

After the first emergency call to the City of Cape Town, as well as to the police, by a man who happened to pass by – it took one and a half hours until finally a workman showed up to switch off the water.

After a second call to the police one hour later, they arrived here 30 minutes later.

It was necessary to close the road as the surface was very soft and had big holes.

And last but not least, there was another burst pipe on September 23.

Wouldn’t it be advisable to spend money on the replacement of the old water pipes instead of building cycle lanes with rubber and cat eyes.

There are only a few people who ride a bike. That would save us water and stress on the workmen who had to do their job until late in the night.