Paul Roos celebrates its 156th birthday

Grade 8 pupils, the Student Council and visiting student council members from Stellenbosch HighSchool formed a part of the traditional wreath-laying at the PRG founding statues.

On March 1, Paul Roos Gymnasium turned 156 years old, and birthday celebrations kicked off with a special assembly wherein Rector André van Staden addressed all pupils.

During his speech he pointed out that Paul Roos is one of only 26 traditional boys’ schools in South Africa, enjoys status as an exemplary academic institution and is considered a national asset.

Mr van Staden expressed his pride in Paul Roos’ academic record, its sports and cultural achievements, but accentuated that his greatest pride lies in the 156-year old tradition of educating young men (not only academically) but also in the University of Life.

“Successes and achievements come and go, but values inspire, guide you and keep you on track. Eventually, values generate new successes, new achievements and new heights,” he said

Alumnus, business man and leader in the South African wine industry, Jean Engelbrecht, attended the special occasion, and encouraged the pupils to dream big and make sure that their decisions, conduct and legacy changes the lives of others positively, and subsequently, inspires them to dream big.

The PRG Representative Council of Learners (RCL) visited the graves of Paul Roos (1880-1948) and his close family on March 2, and paid their respects by cleaning their graves.

Paul Roos was one of the first Springbok Rugby captains, alumnus of Paul Roos Gymnasium (formerly Stellenbosch Gymnasium) and in his later life acted as Rector for Paul Roos Gymnasium for 30 years. The RCL paid their respects to Paul Roos and his family by cleaning their graves.

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