Patch shop Le Patch pays it forward

Le Patch -the shop on Patch grounds in Somerset West – is creating opportunities for local women.

Over the past year with Covid-19 negatively impacting many households and loss of jobs, Le Patch has become the source of creating new businesses.

Mary Sigauke 39, and her daughter Meme, 18, are from Zola in Strand, and have been coming to Le Patch for two years. Mary says she got everything she needed for her twins at Le Patch, and she has started to sell on items to family and friends.

She says that Robin Chiriseri, who is a social worker and manager of Le Patch, messages her when stock has arrived, and gives her great prices which allow for her to put a small mark up when she sells on.

Mary is teaching her daughter to do the same “so she can make a better life”, she says, adding that this has ensured that she can feed her family.

Robin Chiriseri, social worker and manager of Le Patch, Meme Sigauke, Mary Sigauke, Tandiwe Maseve and J Nyakarize.

Another Le Patch shopper, also from Zola, is Tandiwe Maseve, 38, who has been bulk shopping at the organisation for a year, and selling on to residents in her area.

These and other women from local townships are supporting families by selling on items that are in high demand, like clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains, kitchen utensils and crockery.

Le Patch thanks members of the community for their donations, that are creating opportunities for others.