Paintings, piano and poetry

The book by Piet Grobler and Philip de Vos, from which Philip read, interspersed with the music score. The exhibition is on until January 21. Call 082 682 5710 for more information.

Philip de Vos, storyteller, Tertia Visser Downie, pianist, and Avril Gardiner, Liebrecht gallerist, at the Pictures at an Exhibition event on Friday evening.  “Promoting grey ecology, turning back the clock, trying to slow down the tempo. Almost attempting to stop time for a while, as it were. We actually heard the notes on the Mussorgsky score, courtesy of Tertia’s performance. We actually heard the written word via the spoken words of Philip de Vos. All our senses were aroused.  The most remarkable thing is the paintings of three artists on the walls also came to life. And, ultimately, the paintings of Viktor Hartmann, at an exhibition in Europe 144 years ago,” said Avril