Opportunist newspaper ‘vendor’

Chris Eloff, Kuils River

We were visiting Ocean Basket in Gordon’s Bay Harbour Island yesterday.

A guy came up with your Bolander newspaper and says the newspaper is free.

The moment you accept your free copy he demands a donation of R1.50 or anything more.

When you say that you just said it is free, then he mumbles some nonsense excuse that you cannot hear.

He gets upset and arrogant if you do not want to give a donation.

He then turns around, pull faces and shows his disgust at us and also other patrons who did not tip him.

He should not have the right to enter private property to harrass restaurant patrons and sell free newspapers.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It appears to be an opportunist who took a few copies of Bolander from the stand, and tried to “flog” them on the public. Please disregard! -Ed