One pencil at a time…

Founder of Iphepha for Pupils, Heloise Breytenbach-Uys, with some pupils from Altena Primary School in Somerset West who received stationery packs.

Iphepha for Pupils provides stationery to underprivileged children whose quality of education is threatened due to limited stationery supplies

Iphepha, the Zulu word for paper, is the brainchild of Somerset West-based psychologist, Heloise Breytenbach-Uys. Iphepha for Pupils is an independent, registered non-profit organisation that operates without government funding, and is entirely dependent on donations, contributions and aid from local businesses, institutions, foundations and individuals.

Work is done by volunteers and all funds donated or generated goes towards relieving the burden of worried and concerned parents and pupils.

“Iphepha for Pupils started off as an idea to help domestic workers pay for their children’s stationery,” says Ms Breytenbach-Uys.

“In one week, I was approached by three different women, who were very worried about their lack of funds to buy the necessary stationery for their children to start the new school year. The 16-year-old daughter of one of the mothers were sent home on the first day of school because she did not have all the stationery on the list.”

It came under her attention that the dire need for essential stationery is critical in some communities. The current estimated projected budget for a pupil’s stationery supplies is approximately R600 a year.

“Iphepha for Pupils wants to help parents in need, by providing stationery for school children. We want to support pupils to focus on their work, by making sure they have the necessary stationery,” says Ms Breytenbach-Uys.

The organisation is in need of financial contributions or stationery contributions, new or used, as items are cleaned and packed by volunteers and distributed to those in need.

The following items are
especially needed: Wax crayons, retractable crayons, colouring pencils, HB pencils, sharpeners, erasers, 30cm rulers, staplers and staples, colouring books, glue sticks, scissors, calculators (solar, not battery), ball point pens, pacer pencils and lead, paper clips, watercolour paint and brushes, exercise books, notebooks, art paper/coloured paper and plain A4 paper.

“Our vision is to invest in the education of young people by making their learning experience more positive and their school work less stressful,” said Ms Breytenbach-Uys. To contribute, call 082 783 9257 or email

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