O Boy! Sign of the times

Barry Kirwan, UK swallow living in Gordon’s Bay

Are you aware that the G in the GB sign is no longer a G but an O? It’s been like this for over a week.

A friend of ours from the UK noted the change 24 hours after her arrival.

Not seen a hint of this change in any of the local websites, or am I missing something?

Also, is the naval training centre aware of the change?

Thanks so much for a great, unbiased, informative and entertaining local paper.

Ed’s reply:

Bolander contacted the Gordon’s Bay Naval College, and they declined to comment about the sign’s “new look”.

Bolander reporter/ photographer Norman McFarlane headed out to the village to capture the image, above, of the iconic mountain-
side sign, and we’ll follow up with a story on the history of the sign, in a future edition of Bolander.