No more Day Zero

Len Walker, Somerset West

In my opinion, the City of Cape Town had no intention of ever reaching Day Zero.

There was no proper plan in place for any arrangements to take place in the event that Day Zero was to eventuate.

With 200 collection points identified to accommodate 4 million residents – equates to
20 000 people a day in a queue at each collection point – does not make logical sense.

No mention was made of the number of water tankers needed to service the collection points, where the water was to come from, and how the continuous water supply at the collection points was to be ensured.

In December and January, many residential water consumers received estimated water readings, which were considerably higher than their actual usages.

These estimated readings resulted in the consumption figures for the months of January and February being overstated.

Consequently, the water levels in the dams were higher than we were led to believe, and based thereon, further restrictions were imposed on the consumers.

The cost of the first 6kl a month used to be free, and during the drought, this cost was increased to R4 a kl, and from February the cost was increased to R26.25, plus VAT of R3.67, a kl.

I am of the belief that the City of Cape Town has been extremely devious in the manner that they have dealt with the water crisis, and they have not been honest in their communications with ratepayers.

In the same way they have also been very devious in handling Mayor Patricia de Lille.