New flats concern

Freda Castell,
Somerset West

The property on the corner of Drama and New Streets (25 Drama Street) has been sold, and was bought by a developer.

The developer was granted permission by the municipality for the construction of a three-storey block of flats, with a total of 21 units of different sizes.

None of the units will have a garage, and no provision will be made for a closed car parking facility.

Cars will be parked in the open on the premises.

From information obtained from the municipality (off-street parking requirements – Chapter 15), 21 flat units will allow for a total of 42 cars to be parked in parking bays on the premises.

A car park of such considerable size in the middle of a residential area is questionable.

The number of cars involved will add considerably to the already heavy traffic flow on Drama Street.

Furthermore, it will inevitably result in cars not able to enter the premises of 25 Drama Street, seeking alternative parking in New Street on either side off Drama Street, as parking in Drama Street is prohibited.

It is also questionable who will be buying or renting these flats, as the developer has not yet decided whether or not to have a lift installed, this being a cost factor for him still to be weighed up.

Who, by today’s standards, is prepared to live in a three-storey apartment building where luggage, shopping, prams, bicycles, toddlers, and more have to be lugged up the staircase to the first, second, and third floors?

The envisaged construction will have an impact of considerable scale on the entire surrounding residential area.

Bolander will forward this letter to the municipality, and publish the reply in the following edition – Ed.