Nature’s bounty at Open Gardens

Charming nooks and crannies in the garden on display.

Bright yellow and rich orange clivias by the score, dark green leaved clumps of yet to bloom, blue and white agapanthus by the 10-score, and the whole
lush half acre canopied by sky scraping English oaks and pin oaks stretching skyward, providing a dappled gentle light to a mostly shady very private garden.

Patches of bright spring sunlight cover the back lawn and warm the attractive swim-
ming pool, enwrapped by a seemingly rustic but expertly installed deck, so as to make bathing and entertaining both easy and fun.

This is the delightful home of Willem Grobler and his family.

Willem, a born Namibian converses enthusiastically about the little piece of heaven he and his family have built over the past ten years.

Flowering arum and other lilies poke up in between seemingly random beds of budding greenery, and resident squirrels edge their way to strategically placed dry pumpkin seeds left especially for them.

This is a garden, which at a glance, appears random in its outlay, but looking closer, the layout and generous colour variety are evidence of much hard work and a lot of love.

Although no more than a half-acre in size, nowhere can any boundary fence or wall be seen.

The all-embracing shrubbery seems to make this garden stretch forever.

The Grobler’s beautiful garden and 16 other fantastic local gardens will be open for viewing to all who love plants and flowers and who support Hospice, on Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 23.

Visit the Helderberg Hospice garden on Friday October 21 to get your tickets early, enjoy some tea and treats, and stroll around the lovely grounds.

Visit the nursery, the new Garden of Remembrance, and Reflections Room.

Tickets cost R80, and are available at Helderberg Hospice, 21 Old Stellenbosch Road, Somerset West.

For more information and for a programme containing all the gardens on show, call 021 852 4608.

Cheryl Rundle is the events and media manager for Helderberg Hospice.