National Alpaca Day

Inca Vale Farm opens its gates to the public on Sunday April 30 from 9.30am to 12.30pm, for National Alpaca Day. Entry is free. The alpaca is the smaller cousin of the better-known Llama. It is a camelid bred for its cashmere quality fleece and popular as a tourist attraction in farm guest houses, country nurseries and petting farms, but has commercial value as a breed and as effective herd guards. Sheep farmers utilise alpacas during the lambing season to minimise losses to jackal and rooikat. Many people on small holdings own a few alpacas merely for their pleasure. The first alpacas were imported from Chile in 2000 to a stud outside Wellington. Since then, a breed society with breeders throughout South Africa has developed, leading to this national promotional and awareness day. At Inca Vale farm, visitors will see many cria (lambs), touch and feed the alpacas and learn about their fibre. The tree nursery will be offering bagged alpaca manure. The Florida Padstal next door offers refreshments and further children’s entertainment. Inca Vale Farm is on the R45 adjacent to Florida Padstal at the four-way stop. For more information, call Gavin on 082 340 2650 or visit