N2 traffic chaos

Klaus Eickelmann, Helderberg

Dear Premier Zille, Before you lock the door of your office and enjoy a no doubt well-deserved Christmas holiday, allow me to raise one question which you may want to ponder on over the festive season.

How much longer are the people of Somerset West/Strand expected to suffer the consequences of many years of missed opportunities to turn the N2, which divides these formerly independent municipalities, now suburbs of Cape Town, into an intersection-free thoroughfare? The concept of one of the country’s busiest national highways dissecting a densely built-up residential area is absolutely ludicrous. I invite you to personally witness the heavy traffic during rush-hours at the various crossings, in particular at Victoria Street. The amount of time and fuel frustrated motorists spend most times of the day getting across from one side to the other needs to be seen, not to talk about the constant risk of serious accidents, especially with heavy trucks. Two or three flyovers could have solved this problem long ago! And it wouldn’t even cost half of Nkandla’s recent refurbishment!

And please, Mrs. Premier, do not be tempted to hide behind the excuse that national roads fall outside the jurisdiction of the Western Province. The question begs to be answered, how much pressure you and your cabinet have brought to bear on various national governments over the years? I am looking forward to your comments, provided you have the grace to do so. I am sure the people of Somerset West / Strand would love to read your answer.