Museums reopened

The Huguenot Memorial Museum, and the first South African Perfume Museum, have been reopened. 

The museum and tourism industry have been severely affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, as a significant amount of their income is dependent on both international as well as local tourists. Covid-19 protocols are in place and are applied throughout the museum premises. 

At the Museum Annex Building visitors need to buy their tickets and complete the official Covid-19 protocols, including the scanning, and completing of the updated museum visitor register with Covid-19 compliance questions. Sanitisers are in place at all buildings. 

Opening times are from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 3pm, and on Saturdays and public holidays between 9am and noon. 

Limited numbers of 10 people will be allowed to enter the various museum buildings, depending on the size and space available. Contact them at 021 876 2532 or email