Mosaic sculptural fountain at Spier

Mozambican artist Lizette Chirrime.

Spier wine farm is now home to Uthomi – a large-scale mosaic conceptualised by Mozambican artist, Lizette Chirrime. The vividly coloured work produced by the Spier Artisan Studio was installed in a water feature earlier this month. Uthomi, which is Chirrime’s first mosaic project, celebrates and showcases her combining of colour and abstract form, offering a vibrant playground for the imagination. The Maputo-born, Cape Town-based Chirrime’s works are held in a number of collections throughout South Africa, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The artwork forms the floor of the fountain, and its mosaic surface is flush with the surrounding surface, encouraging visitors to engage with the installation and the water. A cement bench built around the fountain in a U-shape within the lower level wall allows guests to linger.  Due to the need of a flat base surface for the fountain, the Studio chose to use the reverse (or indirect) mosaic method. This was invented and used for the first time by artist Giandomenico Facchina for the installation of the mosaics at the Paris Opera in the 19th century.