More post office woes

Hazel Smith, Helderberg

The letter from Jenny Rijkenberg (“Postal woes a joke”, Bolander June 6) brought to mind my own problems with the post office.

I am so frustrated with our postal deliveries. It is taking anything from three weeks to three months, to receive mail from the United Kingdom, that is, if it is received at all.

In addition, I frequently find that when something does eventually arrive, it has been very cleanly slit open along one edge, presumably to check for anything of value.

Sometimes it has official Post Office tape resealing it with the message “Found damaged. Resealed by SA Post Office”. I see that Strand Post Office did not sort mail for five weeks due to lack of electricity.

This does not explain the 10-week delay, and counting, of a specific piece of mail I am expecting. Is anyone able to advise the route of incoming, overseas mail? Does it come via Johannesburg then down to the Cape?

Help! Who can I contact at the Post Office for answers to my problem?