Mission of mercy to Malawi

The team, from left, are Petri Goosen, Tracy Johnson, Dean Rutherford, and Kim van Aswegen.

In July, four fifth-year medical students from Stellenbosch University hope to make a life-changing impact on the lives of young girls in Malawi, through their health promotion project, 28fourchange.

The project aims to provide school-going girls who otherwise cannot afford sanitary ware, with sanitary equipment in the form of menstrual cups.

Dean Rutherford, one of the participants, says: “Every month, girls are having to skip school because of a natural bodily process – not only is it detrimental to their education, but it causes a lot of shame and embarrassment in their lives.

“Often they are forced to use old rags or other unhealthy means as a substitute. This can be dangerous and cause infection,” he says.

“We would really like to use our one month elective module as a chance to make a difference.

“As future doctors, this is what we are called to do. We are often so caught up in our own lives and the demands of our course, but this project gives us the chance to shift the focus from us to others.

“We are fortunate to have Mpower, a Cape Town based organisation and manufacturer of the menstrual cup, on board with us.

“However, as students, we require funding for the donation of the cups and educational material for the girls we will work with.

“If you have a heart for this cause and would like to support our project, please visit our website: 28fourchange.co.za, and you can also follow the story on Facebook at 28fourchange

Call Petri Goosen at 082 556 5506 or Dean Rutherford: at 079 822 8240 for more information.