Miss Earth South Africa to represent Enaleni Vineyards

From left are, Chantelle Esau, from Enaleni, Shelani van Niekerk, 2016 Miss Earth SA contestant, and Andrew Peterson and Janine Adonis, from Enaleni.

Enaleni Vineyards has announced Miss Earth South Africa as the brand’s new ambassador.

The newly-formed partnership will see the two entities joining forces with the goal to make a measurable difference in the lives of those living and working on the Enaleni farm.

As brand ambassador for Enaleni Vineyards in South Africa, Miss Earth South Africa’s mission will be to increase awareness of the wine brand, with special attention to sharing the story surrounding the Enaleni community and their optimism towards producing quality Fairtrade-certified wines.

“We are proud to welcome Miss Earth SA to the Enaleni family. In addition to the great work they do in uplifting communities throughout South Africa, they are also well aware of the threat to communities that live from the land and the importance of ethical practices required to sustain the land,” says Carli Jordaan, brand coordinator at Stellenbosch Vineyards, and spokesperson for Ena-leni Vineyards.

Besides supporting Enaleni through ambassador activities, Miss Earth South Africa has is sharing the Enaleni story with those like-minded individuals.

The next step will be to share the inspiring story of Enaleni with the Miss Earth South Africa 2016 contestants, provide them the opportunity to visit some of the farm’s social projects and experience how sustainable winemaking actually works on the ground.

Miss Earth SA is a leadership programme that aims to empower young women with a platform to create a sustainable difference in social and environmental sectors in South Africa – and to create sustainability and stewardship through environmental work.

Enaleni – meaning a “place of abundance”, portrays a modern South African narrative of social transformation as it is owned by 23 shareholders, all of whom are farm workers.

Previously part of the neighbouring Nagenoeg Estate, Enaleni was born in 2009 through the decision of Schalk Visser (one of the owners of Nagenoeg), whereby he gave a portion of his land to the workers living on the farm as a token of appreciation and to uplift their community.