Mensa meets

Marine biologist, Dr Sara Andreotti.

Sharks remain among the most feared predators on the planet, since rare negative interactions between sharks and humans can be fatal for beach users, and this historical conflict and fear of sharks is still used to justify their cull, in countries such as South Africa and Australia, by deploying shark nets and drum lines. Marine biologist, Dr Sara Andreotti, will discuss the necessity for new solutions that will keep both sharks and humans safe, at Mensa Winelands’ monthly meeting in Somerset West, tomorrow, Thursday January 23, at 7.15pm. Dr Andreotti’s research has revealed that the great white shark population is far more endangered than was previously believed, and continues to decline, largely due to the impact of human interference; her concern for these marine creatures has placed her at the forefront of solving the problem with an eco-friendly solution which will ensure peaceful co-existence. Dr Andreotti completed her PhD at Stellenbosch University in 2015, on white shark genetics and photographic identification, and continues to contribute to the university as a senior post-doctoral researcher in the botany and zoology department. Guests are welcome, and entry is free. Contact for venue details.