Lovely photos

A little Southern Collared Sunbird. Picture: Ilse Conradie

Ilse Conradie, Wellington

We received the Bolander yesterday, and I do like this newspaper, it is very interesting to read.

Thanks for all the hard work behind the screens.

What a delightful picture on the front page taken by Hanneke Fourie-Beneke.

She does take exceptional photos. I enjoy all her marvelous photos. Thanks for sharing it with our readers, very delightful.

Now and then a little Southern Collared Sunbird likes to visit our garden too, and it is so enjoyable to watch these little birds.

I like to laminate these lovely pictures placed in the Bolander. I do keep it as a treasure and share this with other people.

We are hikers and we do hike regularly here in Bainskloof, and are always looking out for these special colourful and marvelous birds.

The Good Lord is an exceptional creator.

Thank you! Here is another pic by Hanneke, of an Acacia Pied Barbet to enjoy – Ed