Lovely gesture

Gigi O’Connor-Eigeldinger, Somerset West

I am a volunteer at two old-age homes, and had such a surprise on Valentine’s Day.

On the morning, at Vonke Huis, “my elders” received the most divine looking cupcakes.

They were presented by pretty young girls with great smiles and the bright eyes of youth.

Hats off to Somerset House.

In the afternoon, at SilverOaks Lodge, a retirement home, two charming boys from Redham House came with a bucket full of flowers.

Everyone at the table chose a stem of tulip. They were beautiful and, as we all know, very expensive.

So it was really an out-of-the-usual luxurious present.

A heartfelt thanks to these schools and their teachers for their loving gifts. It gave joy and smiles to people who sometimes feel forgotten.

By the way, the well-appointed SilverOaks Lodge coffee shop, open to the public, have delicious cakes and really good coffee, and is very reasonably priced.