Lost brooch

Pat Baldwin, Somerset West

An 84-year-old woman was at Waterstone Village on Tuesday February 23, and while sitting in Mugg and Bean discovered she had lost her butterfly brooch.

They went back to all the places she had been to, security guards inside and car guards and the management of Woolworths and Pick and Pay helped in the search.

Sadly nothing was found. She was very upset, as it was given to her by her late sister and has great sentimental value.

If anybody picked it up would they be so kind as to return it to the rightful owner; she would be so grateful.

They can contact me on 021 855 2533 or 083 590 9018. Her day would be made. W Richter, Somerset West

I agree with Mr Brian Brown’s response to my letter on exorbitant restaurant wine prices (“Mark-up normal”, Bolander February 24) – that a markup of 200 percent for wine is a fairly normal practice.

However, I was complaining about a markup of more than 500 percent . That is a totally different kettle of fish.

Perhaps Mr Brown should google the meaning of percentage difference.

He also maintains that reference to John Platter is “completely irrelevant”.

Most of the serious wine lovers I know take their Platters with when visiting a restaurant. One wonders why?

His statement that the wine inflation also “contributes to staff training and the maintenance of the ambience” is somewhat bizarre.

Presumably profits also accrue from food sales, so why lean heavily on wine?