Local beauty vying for Miss SA 2022 title

Entrepreneur Tamsyn Jack (25) has made it to the Miss SA top 30 finalists and will later this month knowi if the proceeds to the top 10.

One of the Miss SA 2022 hopefuls is the 25-year-old young beauty from Somerset West, Tamsyn Jack.

Ms Jack has made the top 30 finalists and this dynamic and driven entrepreneur is now contending for a sought-after place in the top 10, which will be announced later this month on Monday June 13.

With a degree in Food Science from Stellenbosch University obtained in 2019, she was however, more drawn to, and interested in the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship and presently runs her own paid media agency and is a director of a property agency.

She describes herself as compassionate, brave, intentional, and inherently inquisitive. She encapsulates her uniqueness as follows: “I share a birthday with Albert Einstein, and there’s a famous quote of his that says, ‘I have no special talents, except that I am passionately curious’. That’s me; I am a big-time dreamer and I have a hunger to understand the world around me.”

In addition to her questing mind, she is a passionate champion of women empowerment and instilling self-worth among women, restoring their belief and realisation of their own capabilities and strengths. “Eighty percent of women struggle with imposter syndrome. Once they can overcome this, the world is their oyster,” says Ms Jack, whose dream it is to someday meet women’s rights actress and activist, Emma Watson.

Her motivation for entering Miss SA is to serve the young South African women; a purpose she has already practically gone in pursuit of, through a mentorship programme with a company called, Her Business Class, which through online courses, schools aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners on the intricacies of starting an online business.

“I’m heading up their #mentorshipmatters campaign, where we will bring these workshops into high schools in underprivileged areas and facilitate internships for girls out of our existing female entrepreneur community,” she shares more detail.

This beautiful and driven beauty (whose superpower of choice would be teleportation) is not frightened by failure and rather embraces it as an unavoidable part of self-growth and development, often resulting in a stronger, more resilient version of yourself. She perceives success as being a resilient mindset, one programmed to after setbacks, get back up and try again.

In answer to what she loves about her country, proclaimed: “Our hospitality, our sunsets, our rugged coastlines, the bushveld, winter Milo cuddles, our art, samosas, melktert, Ouma rusks, Nando’s and most importantly our wicked sense of humour.”

To follow Tamsyn’s pageant journey, download the Miss South Africa App for free from the Apple or Google Play Store. The Top 10 will be announced on the app on June 13.

Tamsyn Jack, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Somerset West, graduated with a Food Science Degree from Stellenbosch University and is competing with 30 others for the Miss SA 2022 title.