‘Let’s talk feet’

Marthie Hauptfleisch

Marthie Hauptfleisch is a professional nurse who specialises in foot-care. She and Dr Ilse Joubert will be giving talks on foot-care on Tuesday December 10 and Tuesday December 17, from 8am to 9am, at Dr Joubert’s practise in Stellenbosch Square in Jamestown, Stellenbosch. The talks will cover topics such as common foot-care challenges, senior’s feet and diabetes. If there is a topic you would like to have discussed, forward it to Marthie or Dr Joubert.  Tickets are R50 each and are available at https://marthienel.com/bookings, or call Dr Joubert at  082 076 7948 or Ms Hauptfleisch at 083 767 2701 or email marthie@marthienel.com with your topics, suggestions or questions.