Let’s learn from Israel

Leslie Hurwitz

A most urgent and realistic solution in our current and future drought conditions as the writer so rightly states. Solar driven desalination plants are the future and Israel is showing us how. What’s keeping our Government from talking to their scientist and water engineers, they will help with the process if asked.

What are we waiting for? This tiny country (the size of Namakwaland) has no oil, but have a thriving high tech industry, intel, Microsoft & IBM have all developed their business there, its doctors & scientists have won important international awards in the medical development field.

With the help of they’re desalination process they’ve turned a country which was 65% desert into a prosperous land. They sell oranges, flowers, vegetables and dairy products all over the world.

Their wine farmers in the Galilee are producing outstanding reds & whites as King Solomon did all those years ago. They’ve launched their own satellite!

Three satellite at once! And are in good company together with the USA (2080 million residents), Russia (2020 million residents), China (1.3 billion residents) and Europe (Frans, England & Germany 35 million residents). They are one of the only countries in the world that have launched something into space!

Her people are not a worrying, complaining, crying or fearing lot, they just continue living, going out, and meeting friends.