Learn more about theatre

The Playhouse Theatre will be hosting three workshops this month for anyone who is interested to find out more, get involved in the theatre, or wants to improve their skills.

The two-hour sessions are open to anyone over the age of 14.

“Our initiative seeks to get more people involved both on and off the stage as well as enhance the quality of upcoming plays and musicals,” says Darryl Spijkers, chairman of The Playhouse.

The first workshop, on Tuesday June 25, headed by directors and performers Samantha Taylor and Jon-Paul Ruschenbaum, will focus on vocal warmups, acting skills, character preparation and audition protocol.

The second workshop, on Wednesday June 26, is headed up by facilities manager, Bobby Bennet, with input from a few technicians focusing on stage management, safety, lights and sound.

The final workshop, on Thursday June 27, led by Darryl Spijkers and supported by Debi Greybe, Heather Fergusson, Caryl Currin and Zanodean Cassiem, will focus on design and directing, text selection, casting, planning, costumes, props and sets.

All workshops start at 7pm. Entry costs R80 each, or R200 for all three. For more information or to book, contact Darryle at events@theplayhouse.org.za