Launching of healthy workplace initiative

With Corporate Wellness Week in South Africa taking place this week, now is the right time to join forces with the Wellness Council of South Africa (Wellcosa).

As South Africans will celebrate the state of their wellness this is the best opportunity to ensure that wellness in the workplace is on the right track.

The Wellcosa certifies companies as they become role-models for creating and implementing successful healthy workplaces in South Africa

“By joining Wellcosa and integrating our international standards with your work surroundings, you will be comparing the state of your company’s wellness to internationally benchmarked standards, reflecting the practices of organisations that have achieved the Wellcosa well workplace certification,” said Dr Martin Combrinck, Wellcosa director.

“When your company subscribes to our methodology and standards, it will receive recognition under the awards initiative at the completion of the certification programme and will become part of a national prestigious network of certified well workplace organisations.

“We are now inviting 100 innovative South African companies to apply and earn national and international recognition as a well workplace.

“The main benefit we offer South African companies who want to improve their wellness presence in the workplace to benefit all their employees, is that each corporate wellness programme is benchmarked against international standards. Studies have also shown that when companies support wellness with measurable outcomes, they have greater financial success,” Dr Combrinck said.

Entry into the awards follows on from the workplace wellness certification process. The awards initiative recognises companies that have built successful results-oriented wellness programmes as defined by Wellcosa’s international workplace wellness certification.

This certification is driven by a rigorous set of international benchmarks and criteria.

There are different award categories and criteria for recognition as a well workplace in South Africa. The awards are presented to companies after the certification process.

“These workplace standards provide guidance and set out requirements regarding good organisational practices that foster healthy lifestyles among employees, a healthy workplace, and sustainable improvements in the health of individuals.
“In order to apply for the Workplace Awards, applicants must adhere to international criteria and their wellness programme accomplishments needs to be documented via the certification process.

“This is followed by a site audit to verify documentation, have discussions with various stakeholders and assess the readiness of the staff,” Dr Combrinck said, emphasising the importance of the international and national standards to which member companies must adhere.

Other benefits of the well workplace certification and awards include:

● Your company receives recognition as a healthy workplace in South Africa.

● You can distinguish yourself as an employer-of-choice when seeking to attract new talent or retain existing employees.

● You become known as a leader and innovator in the workplace wellness field.

● You receive a well workplace award for your sustainable efforts towards employee health and wellness.

● Employers feel confident in the professionalism of those involved in running the company’s wellness programme, and consequently, in the effectiveness of the programme.

● Certification programmes provide employers with the metrics that are essential to support wellness and health productivity programmes.

South Africans are encouraged to celebrate wellness in their workplaces and companies this week to start implementing a corporate wellness programme which will help their employees lead healthier lives.

For more information, contact Dr Combrinck on 072 229 7454 or or visit

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