Kind gesture

(Mrs) F Van Rensburg, Erinvale

I’m sure I’m not the only person living down Lourensford Road who finds the fencing or what’s left of it on the corners of Cloetenberg and Lourensford roads in front of the Rotary building, offensive.

During the winter a large Eucalyptus tree came down, further adding to the dismal scene.

Taking into account that locals as well as foreigners drive past this eyesore on their way to Vergelegen and Lourensford farms, I am of the opinion that something should be done to neaten up this corner.

Eppie McFarlane, president: Rotary Club of Somerset West, responds:

The Rotary Club has also been most concerned about the consequences of the toppling of a giant gum tree at the corner of Lourensford and Cloetenberg Streets.

For a number of reasons, it has not been in the club’s power to do much about it except bring it to the attention of the municipality, who sent a team to remove it.

I must point out that the gum tree that blew over was not on Rotary property, but on municipal ground.

It fell into municipal property leased by the Karate Club.

The parking area between Lourensford Road and the Rotary Club of Somerset West’s clubhouse is only partly in Rotary property.

The offending fence is also not on Rotary property.

The Rotary Club of Somerset West has over many years notified the City of Cape Town of the risks that the gum trees on municipal property can hold to both the Karate Hall and Rotary Clubhouse areas.

We are continually in discussions with the City.

The storm happened during lockdown, which meant that ordinary people could not, by law, go out to work on the damage caused.

Although the tree was eventually removed, the Rotary Club of Somerset West’s insurance claim, and claim against the City of Cape Town for the damage the tree did to our sign, have been submitted.

The damaged sign has been removed and will be replaced when it is returned from those who are repairing it.

The Rotary Club, as I said at the start, is well aware of the unsightly result of the tree falling, and has done all it can under the circumstances to rectify the situation.

Pat Baldwin, Somerset West

I went to stand in the long queue at Heldervue Spar about lunchtime yesterday, and this lady asked me if the magazine was the only item I had.

I said “Yes”.

“Stand in here in front of me,” she said.

“Thank you I replied.

As we neared the cashier counter, she asked again if that was the only thing I had.

“Yes, I said.”

Well, to my utter surprise, she said, “ Just tell the cashier your magazine is being paid for by me, and you can go home”.

I replied, “No ,you don’t have to do that” – but she was adamant, and said she wanted to do it.

I was totally astounded that a total stranger could do something like that, and for me, it is a first in my whole life.

I accepted it with grace, thanked her again and walked out of the Spar.

I do not know the lady’s name, but I would like to publically thank her for her very kind gesture.

You are a very kind lady and I applaud you.

Thank you, keep well keep safe.