Kilo creeps into vets’ hearts

Kilo the Kitty on the prowl at Teva vet clinic in Somerset West.

Kilo was brought in to us by a local rescue organisation called Farm Paws. They had rescued her and brought her into us for an injured leg. She was all purrs and immediately stole all of our hearts. We did x-rays and found that she had a fractured leg. Thankfully because she is still growing, her leg healed really quickly and she has adjusted so well. She is now a permanent member of our Teva family and will be gracing our patients with her presence everyday at the practise.

Farm paws has been responsible for sterilisation assistance, food and shelter to many disadvantaged Pets in the Raithby surrounding Farm communities and we are so grateful to them for finding her and in turn giving her a new lifelong home.

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