Keypad woes

WA Ricther,
Somerset West

On September 25 last year, I wrote a letter in Bolander pointing out that the keyboards at the entrance and exit of Helderberg Village have virtually no illumination, making it rather difficult to punch in a code at night.

They responded with a ridiculous justification, to which I responded on October 2. Now almost a year later nothing has been done about the situation. One wonders if the management is just technically incompetent, Eskom-style, or are they so thick-skinned that they don’t bother about inconveniencing visitors?

Some people have flashlights in their cars, but many people don’t. Has anyone from management or the board of Helderberg Village taken the trouble to go and check what I’m talking about? The system can rightly be termed idiotic and makes the Village appear backward.

Helderberg Village chief executive officer, Vagn Nielsen, responds:

We thank the writer for his letter regarding the poor illumination on the numeric keypads at the security entrance of Helderberg Village.

It is regrettable that he was unaware that the biometric readers and numeric keypads were budgeted to be replaced in March this year as part of the village’s annual capex programme.

However, Covid-19 arrived and capex budgets were either frozen or re-purposed to implement safety measures needed to keep our residents and staff safe during the height of the pandemic.

While we appreciate and share the writer’s frustration, we are more than happy that, until “normality” returns and funds are released to replace this equipment, Mr Richter is welcome to contact my office and arrange for alternative access arrangements.