Keeping us safe

Tony Cross: Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch (SWNW)

Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch (SWNW) is pleased to announce that it has successfully been registered as a non-profit company incorporated for public benefit.

This is an important step to the future and will give us greater control of our assets, structure and processes.

We would particularly like to thank our legal sponsors and supporters, Smith Tabata Buchanan and Boyes at Somerset West, who have overseen the application.

Says Jacqui Badenhorst, chair of SWNW: “We look forward to being able to offer Section 18A tax certificates in the future for donations received (we are also applying for PBO status in this regard), and to continuing to grow from strength to strength.

“Our mission is to be a vibrant, inclusive and effective community-based organisation that actively works with all law-abiding citizens and agencies, to develop a friendly, safe and caring neighbourhood where people can live, learn, work and play, without fear.”

In this respect, we have tremendous reach and public support that extends right across the district from Sir Lowry’s Pass, to Faure and Raithby to Victoria Park.

Altogether we have 22 area watch groups that collectively make up SWNW, all working together to prevent crime. This amounts to over 3 000 members.

We liaise and work closely with Strand and Gordon’s Bay neighbourhood watch.

We have our own communications centre, extensive radio and camera networks and are experienced at coordinating safety efforts throughout our community.

However, there is no “magic bullet” to reducing crime and any talk of a percentage reduction target would be foolhardy.

It requires neighbours and communities to work together by being the “eyes and ears”, proactively patrolling their communities.

Other role-players such as SAPS and the security companies are important and have a key role, but the foundation of any success will be how much a community is energised.

We are proud to be supported by four security companies: ADT; AM; Gordon’s Bay and Secure Rite Security; and three paramedic companies” Emergency Medical Organisation, ER24 and Gordon’s Bay Med Rescue.

We are ready, willing and able to work with. and support SAPS, and encourage and urge them to use our resources to the fullest.

Visit wwwsomerset to find out more or to join.