It’s a dogs life

Christopher Kirkman, chairman: Friends of Radloff Park

The FORP committee meet with the local chapter of the Cape Town City Parks Department monthly.

At the most recent meeting, the new rules regarding dogs on/off leash were raised. FORP was advised that the decision to implement a time-share solution has been approved by all concerned, and will be implemented by the Cape Town City Council in due course, along with appropriate signage.

The times will be as follows: On-leash times will be 11am to 3pm daily Monday to Friday and 11am to 1pm over weekends and public holidays.

It is important to note that these new rules do not in any way absolve dog owners from their responsibility regarding uncontrolled and/or vicious animals at any time during the day. It is also important to note that new signage erected by council prohibits cycling anywhere between the river and drainage sloot that runs parallel to the river the entire length of the recreation area.

Small children under the close supervision of parents on their small trikes and bikes cannot reasonably be considered as cyclists.

The signage additionally specifies that the park is for pedestrians only.

Cyclists are frequently seen speeding through the recreation area, posing a danger to pedestrians and their dogs, not to mention themselves when dogs chase them.

FORP would advise that if you wish to visit the park for your running activities, you should use the sports fields and not the recreation area, especially during the off-leash times.

Dog owners, note that the sports committee tolerates dogs on their fields for now, but stresses that owners must pick-up after their dogs and all dogs should be on-leash on their fields at all times.

The above-mentioned time-share arrangement does not apply to the sports fields.

Dog owners are reminded again to pick up after their dogs throughout Radloff Park – both the recreation area and the sports fields.

FORP employs a person to pick up dog-poo daily, to keep the recreation area in the state that we all like it.