Is Ron our visitor?

Lilly Townend,
Somerset West

In Bolander of August 12, my eye caught the picture of a ginger cat on page 11.

For over a year, on a regular basis, a ginger cat has been visiting the complex where I stay in Bizweni Avenue.

Kitty walks about the complex like a resident and wanders about the place without a care in the world. Kitty visits my garden and appears to be on the hunt for mice. The mice have taken up residence in a dense, bushy creeper with blue flowers on my boundary wall blocks.

Kitty appears to be very scared of people, as when called, runs and hides in the bushes and watches. The best kitty food has been put out but has been left uneaten.

Kitty looks well-fed and cared for. Flyers have been circulated to track the owner but no one has come forward.

One day I spotted kitty lying relaxing in the shade of a boundary wall. I did not try to call out as kitty would have been off again like a bullet. Kitty looks similar if not the same as the “Drop-in” picture.

I wonder if your visitor is also our visitor?

Norman McFarlane responds:

Our visitor belongs to our neighbour in The Vines in Heritage Park.

Named after the Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley, because of his ginger fur, he is quite young, and tends not to wander very far.

Ron is also approachable and most friendly, so I doubt that he is your visitor.

Hopefully your kitty visitor’s owner will read this letter and make contact with Bolander, so that we can connect the two of you, and kitty and owner can be reunited.