Indigenousis way to go way

Pat Reavell, Somerset West

There has been a lot of discussion about preserving large alien trees and the worsening drought.

The time has come for a democratic public forum on the two opposing views.

I think you will find that the truth lies inbetween the two extremes.

I wish to raise a related issue which is the idea of replacing alien garden plants with indigenous fynbos plants.

At every level there are trees, shrubs , herbs, climbers and tussock plants.

By planting these truly indigenous Cape fynbos plants we will be encouraging native birds, insects (including butterflies), as well as saving water on a huge scale, as we won’t need to water our gardens.

The Cape succulents, of which there are a huge number of species, make excellent pot plants and single features.

The nurseries should promote indigenising our gardens as soon as possible.

Climate change will mean we will have less water to use.