Increases justifiable?

Concerned citizen, Somerset West

As a very concerned customer I have particularly noticed “seemingly” unwarranted consumer item prices increasing almost daily.

As there are no restrictive laws controlling price increases on most consumer goods, my deep concern as a shopper is whether the owners of our local supermarkets are actually justified with these exorbitant, continuous price increases.

Just as an example of many similar item price increases I attach photos taken of the price increases of one item appearing on supermarket shelves, taken over a period
of a number of months.

A few years ago this same item was selling for R13.99 a tin.

The question comes to mind “to what extent are supermarket owners
enriching themselves
greedily at the cost of struggling customers and
on what basis?”.

Is it really the drought our country is experiencing that justifies almost daily price increases or what else might it be?