Iconic sponsorship up for grabs

Strand Surf and Lifesaving Club Nippers prepare to enter the water. Picture: Michael Griffiths

One of the Cape coast’s most iconic landmarks has announced a new sponsorship opportunity, watching over the bay.

This comes with news that in 2019, the Strand Surf Lifesaving Club team logged more than
3 000 hours of active service, and an astonishing 658 sea rescues – earning the club widespread praise and gratitude.

Strand Surf Lifesaving Club enjoys pride of place on beautiful Strand beach – one of the country’s most treasured lifestyle destinations.

The vast beach and azure ocean attract hundreds of thousands of surfers, swimmers, walkers, paddlers, kite-surfers and happy beach-goers, all year round.

New opportunities have been announced by the Lifesaving Club: a range of sponsoring partnerships. This could include a full range of high-visibility branding opportunities, on the water’s edge – such as signage on buildings, rescue craft, lifesaver uniforms, sporting gear and media exposure.