Household travel survey to inform City’s transport plans 

The City of Cape Town has deployed fieldworkers to conduct its regional household travel survey within various areas across Cape Town.

The survey aims to gather data on the travel behaviour of households in Cape Town. Residents are urged to participate in the survey, which will assist in updating future transport plans.

“Our objective with this survey is to retrieve an updated demographic of the City’s residents and to collect accurate information on their travel behaviour.

“This data will equip the City to review and update its transport network plans and the travel demand model,” says the City’s mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase. 

This city-wide survey will target households in Cape Town and surrounding areas such as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Malmesbury, Darling, Paarl and Wellington.

Information on all of the adults and school-going children per household will
be required. Individual households have been randomly selected in a systematic sampling process. 

“I urge residents who are approached to participate in these interviews as we seek to obtain insight and a good grasp on the travel needs and patterns of commuters.

“We would be grateful if community leaders and associations could assist the City in informing residents of the survey on their various platforms,” said Ms Purchase.

The City is aiming to collect information such as how many employed persons there are per household; how many household members travel regularly to work and places of education; the average transport budget per household; the various modes of transport used throughout the week and the duration of their travels. 

Umtha Consultancy has been contracted by the City of Cape Town to conduct and manage the roll out of this city-wide survey. Residents to note that all fieldworkers will be identifiable by their Umtha name tags.

Residents can be assured that the findings will not be made public as the only purpose of the survey is to collect information that will inform future planning decisions and City processes.

All of the fieldworkers conducting this survey will be monitored and supervised as the City has recruited supervisors as part of the team.

These supervisors, aside from monitoring supervising the surveyors, will also assist with queries on site.

Residents can be assured that all information collected will be treated anonymously, and the location of their home will by no means be revealed.

The survey will only focus on households and will exclude inhabitants of:

Military and police barracks;

Prison quarters;

Student residences;

Old age homes;

Religious institutions;


Non-residential hostels, school and student residences;

Industrial areas.