Hospice garden beauty

Many gardens may look drab at the moment with winter in full swing, but not at Helderberg Hospice, where each season brings its own beauty. The multi-faceted garden, which includes the Garden of Remembrance, also brings peace and joy to many patients and their families by providing a gentle, serene, comforting space in which to reflect and contemplate. The age old Camellias are in full bloom now with fallen flowers scattered around their feet. Bulbs that have lain dormant all summer are popping up everywhere. Leucojum (snowflake flowers) are growing in profusion and Veltheimias with their broad shiny leaves are full of buds just about ready to open. In the sunnier areas, you will find Aloes in all their winter splendor, and pincushions full of tight buds. There are also bright Euryops, daisies, Gazanias, Oesteospermums in purples and pinks, blue statice, and Lotus flower (Parrots beak) with its striking orange beak-like flower. And what a show the vygies will soon be putting on… Clivias also thrive in this garden of plenty, and the roses have been pruned and soon visitors can enjoy the first flush of their beautiful blooms. The Cape May puts on a stunning spring display of masses of double white flowers.

This is not a formal, manicured garden, and many helping hands have joined together over the years to preserve this special place. They make their own compost, and have water tanks to compensate during the dry summer months. If you have the time, and feel so inclined, why not join them on a Tuesday morning to lend a helping hand, meet like-minded folks and enjoy a delicious tea after your hard work. Alternatively, just come in for a visit to a little piece of heaven. For more information on events planned, visit www.helderberghospice.org.za Pictured is the beautiful garden.