Hospice Christmas tree

A Christmas tree at the Helderberg Hospice.

The Christmas Season is a time of joy – and also a special time for remembering.

Helderberg Hospice invites you to celebrate your memories by buying a light in remembrance of loved ones close to your heart but no longer with you, irrespective of where or when they passed.

A quiet time of remembering will be held in the garden, before the lights are lit. Those attending will receive the name card of their loved one at the start of the service, to place on the tree personally.

Details of this remembrance service will only be sent to those who have returned their forms.

You can still buy a light and name card even if you can’t attend the service on the day – it will be placed on the tree on your behalf.

To buy a light to remember your loved one with, a form needs to be completed. These are obtainable from Helderberg Hospice, 21 Old Stellenbosch Road, Somerset West, or the Helderberg Hospice shops in Somerset West and Strand, or contact Celéstine on 021 852 4608, 076 062 5855, or events@helderberghospice.org.za