Horizon House sends a team to the championships

Horizon house Bocce Span (full team), back from left, Hester Mostert, Tian Du Preez, Desmond Laminie and Mark Reeves; middle from left, Mario Hendricks, Petro Theron and Anthea Hotz; second row, from left, Marijke Lerm and Melanie Stevens, and in front, coach Esmerelda Botha.

The members that have been chosen, Desmond Laminie, Melanie Stevens, Mark Reeves and Anthea Hotz, and coach Esmerelda Botha in front.

Four of their Bocce players have been selected to represent Horizon House at the Special Olympics in Johannesburg in August.

Bocce is an Italian bowling game, similar to bowls and boules, and a loved activity at Horizon House. Nine of the House Horizon Bocce players competed against Sunfield Home on May 19, where the team of four were selected for the upcoming event in Johannesburg.

For their trip, the players will need neat clothes, shoes (tekkies), backpacks and spending money. They do not have the means to fund themselves, therefore Horizon House is raising R10 000 in funds to kit them out and ensure that they are prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. These people will probably never have another chance to something like this.

* To offer assistance, contact Lauren Pillay, the project co-ordinator at Horizon House, which is a centre for the care of people with a primary intellectual disability, located in Stellenbosch.