History makers

 This year will go down in the 33-year history of athletics records at Paul Roos Gimnasium, since the multidiscipline sport codes were first introduced to the school by Coenie van Vuuren, under the then rector, the late Johan Slabbert. The school has always achieved outstanding international results at every world championships since 1984, but in 2016, five athletes qualified for four world championships. Pictured from left are Alex Shliemann, under-17,16th place at the world laser pistol shoot and run championships in Lisbon,Portugal; Coenie van Vuuren(coach and master athlete) bronze medal for individual modern pentathlon (swimming, fencing, horse jumping, shooting, running), bronze medal for men’s pentathlon relay team at the world masters pentathlon championships in Praag, silver medals for individual biathle’ and triathlé, and for relay biathlé and triathlé, at the world championships in Sarasota, Florida, America; Joshua Sunderland, under-17, 7th place in the individual triathlé and silver medal in the under-17 team competition in Sarasota, Florida, America; Victor Bakker, under-17, 6th place in the world laser pistol shoot and run championships in Lisbon, Portugal. Absent from the picture is Keenan Ribeiro who qualified for the under-19 modern tetrathlon (swimming, fencing, shooting, running) world championships in Ireland.