Help hospice on Mandela Day

Mandela Day is all about inspiration. Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better. Just like Nelson Mandela, Helderberg Hospice believes that people matter. They matter until the very last moment of their lives, and hospice will do all it can, not only to help patients pass peacefully, but to live until they breathe their last breath. The community can help as well by dedicating your 67 minutes to Hospice in any of the following ways:

The following items are on the hospice wish list for its in-patient unit:

Linen savers

Disposable gloves

Feeding cups

Sheep skin

Boxed milk

Epizone E cream

Adult nappies

Ensure dietary supplement

The following items are on the Hospice wish list for its garden:

Weeding of the lawn

Weeding of the rose garden

Additional parking area at remembrance garden

The following items are on the wish list for the Garden of Remembrance:

Water-friendly displays in memory of a loved one. For example, using a terracotta pot, pebbles/rocks and succulents, placing the memorial plaque on the terracotta pot, or on a stake as part of the display

Placing a memorial plaque on metal/rustic ornaments

A small, rustic pergola/gazebo for the middle area, with place for one or two people to sit

Garden furniture such as one-seater benches and small tables

Donation of plants

Paving and pathways.

For more information contact Cheryl or Celestine on 021 852 4608.