Help grow democracy

Courtney Sampson, Head: Independent Electoral Commission

The letter by “Sceptical voter” (Bolander, May 11) refers:

My colleagues and I are election management professionals.

I did not venture into the reasons for suspicion, but merely pointed out that overt suspicion is problematic in the management of elections.

In South Africa, we have one of the most transparent electoral processes in the world – something we should all appreciate.

We work hard in the IEC, we do our best, we make mistakes but above all we are proud of the work that we do for our country.

The address issue is far more complex than what “sceptical voter” presents, that is why it is a matter before the Constitutional Court, the highest court in our land.

I can promise you that our commitment to free and fair elections is foremost in our understanding of what we do.

Be careful of too much scepticism without neglecting your role in bringing constructive criticism that can enhance our electoral operations.

We appreciate constructive criticism and we do follow up all specific incidents of inappropriate behaviour by any of our staff (about 55 full time across the Western Cape, which grows to just under 20 000 on election day).

Over-generalisations are not really helpful.

I invite you to work with us to create a stronger democracy.