Helderberg Hospice’s singing nightingale

Nora Kewana uses the power and beauty of her voice to help uplife those in search of inspiration, and has devoted her life to the service of others.

Nora Kewana is an enrolled nursing assistant at Helderberg Hospice, and has been with them for 13 years.

Serving her community in this way is not where her passion and talent ends – she has an extraordinary voice that captures and inspires any audience to sing along or just listen and enjoy.

At 65 years old, Nora is still very actively involved in assisting clinical staff at Helderberg Hospice.

She tackles every task with joy and in a positive spirit, and she believes this attributes to her still being in such good health.

Nora started her career and training at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, and spent most of her life working in community and mobile clinics.

She is fluent in three languages, and acted as interpreter during counselling services to patients and families.

Nora also completed a counselling course, and due to all her experience in this field, she has done a lot of public speaking in her community with regards to the terminally ill.

Her passion for singing took her overseas to Europe and America as part of a choir, and she was privileged to shake hands with the late Nelson Mandela.

Nora started an in-house choir at Helderberg Hospice, and they used to sing many times at events such as the welcoming of overseas guests, fundraisers, special occasions and traditional days, which was not only entertaining, but also very uplifting to many.

Being a single mother has taught her to appreciate, respect and motivate all people she comes across.

Nora is proud of herself and of what she accomplished, but remains humble and wants to build on her own life experience to be of service in her community, where she is loved and very well-known.

She feels it is now the time for the younger generation to take the lead, but she will always be of service and stay true to her calling and passions.

Having three children and three grandchildren, her days are busy, and she is especially proud that her daughter has followed in her footsteps to become a professional nurse.

Her one big, unfulfilled dream is to learn how to play the piano.

In Nora’s own words: “Music speaks to my soul, and if music is the food of love, then keep it