Helderberg Hospice opens new storage facility

Helderberg Hospice staff members from left, are Rudiwaan Greeff, Shedrack Dalane, Lucas Thintelo.

The Helderberg Hospice has been fortunate enough to open up a new storage area at its premises earlier this month.

The designated storage area was officially opened at the hospice on Thursday May 4, in the presence of donors and hospice staff.

The Helderberg Hospice in a statement said: “The major donor of this project is Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club, and we would like to thank them for their valuable support.

“We would also like to acknowledge and thank the other contributors to this project, which is CSV, Almar Containers, Rigrite, Somerset Sand and Stone, and Butch Judge.”

The revamped storage area will be used to safely and securely store hospital beds which, the hospice received by means of a donation from the Cure Day Hospital in Paardevlei.

The beds form an integral part in delivering services to patients at their homes as the hospice provides the use of the beds for those patients in need of one at their homes.

“We gift the short-term use of a hospital bed to those of our patients who are in need of one in their home. We store, sanitise, and deliver to patients as they need these, and once the patient no longer requires the use of the bed, it is collected, sanitised, and stored for the next patient who may need it,” the hospice elaborated on this usage.

They further thanked everyone whose hard work has made this storage facility possible. “Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to ensure that we can provide the comfort, cleanliness and convenience of a proper hospital bed for our patients – and thereby making a significant improvement to their quality of life.”

Present at the official opening, are Karin Gordon, Helderberg Hospice, head of volunteers; and Julian Weil, chairman, Helderberg Hospice Board of Directors.