Helderberg Baby Saver and Child Welfare SA – Helderberg join hands

A saved child, and the Baby Saver in Somerset West.

For some time now the Helderberg Baby Saver team has been speaking about formalising their voluntary group by becoming an NPO, but instead, they approached a well-known local organisation and are happy to announce that they are now affiliated to Child Welfare SA Helderberg.

Says Sandy Immelman, founder of the Helderberg Baby Saver, “It made sense to become part of an existing organisation in the Helderberg whose focus is also on protecting babies and children. We are very grateful to their welcoming us as part of their team.”

The Helderberg Baby Saver is a safe alternative to dumping a newborn baby in a bin or toilet. It is located in the Choices Crisis Pregnancy Building on Schapenburg, Somerset West.

Since inception in 2014 they have had three babies via the Saver. The childrend were then handed to Wandisa Child Protection Organisation, who managed their adoptions.

Child Welfare South Africa- Helderberg is one of the oldest volunteer-driven organisations in the country, established in 1956 with the mission to promote the development, interests, safety and well-being of children within the context of family and community, and to safeguard the rights of children.

“Their main emphasis is child protection services in the Helderberg which is why this partnership has been formed,” says Sandy. Contact her at 082 494 0983 for details.