Hathersage gum tree to be saved

Helderberg College’s iVillage PR agency was in the mix with the green-clad fitness freaks at the Green Point Stadium last Sunday, for the annual Spar Women’s Race.

This year, the decade-old race was donating proceeds to Operation Smile – a medical charity that assists children around the world with cleft lip and palate surgeries.

The morning of the race was abuzz with the excitement of more than 27 000 participants (both men and women), who were eager to get to stepping in the five and ten kilometre walk/run.

Along with the crowd of green, one could easily spot male participants – who put on quite a show with their fancy attire of colourful wigs, skirts and dresses. The 10km stretch proved to be quite the challenge for those who did not train accordingly; it wasn’t uncommon to hear the odd sigh or grunt of regret along the way.

Overall, the exhausted smiles at the finish line were evidence of yet another successful race.

Every year, Helderberg College initiates a “Wellness Week” to help re-establish the college’s health values. The public relations class is responsible for planning and managing the community walk that takes place, usually, at the beginning of Wellness Week.

This year college’s iVillage PR agency made the unanimous decision to piggy-back on the Spar Women’s Race event to mix things up a bit, while still maintaining the health values of the college.